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User Information
Account Name Wachowman
Real Name Axel Wachow Berry
Avatar Wach Avatar 1
Alliases Wachow, Wach, WM.
Status Active
Date of Birth and Age July 25, 1995 (Age 19)
Nationality American
Symbolic Character Macho Man Randy Savage
Symbolic Character Picture RandySavage
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Chat Mod
Joined the wiki on February 21, 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 7,299
Ranked on the ERB Wiki 16
Wiki Relationship Screw the wiki. Real life: Roxanne.
Wiki Rival Firebrand, Four4
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Title Chat Mod
ERB Wiki Database Edits 160
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database 1
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Al Capone vs. Blackbeard
Favorite ERB Character Macho Man Randy Savage
Rapseries Epic Gaming Rap Battles
Favorite Fanmade Battle Coupes Lee Everett vs Leon
— Wachowman
 Wachowman  is a user and Chatmod on the ERB wiki.

After being an AWC suggesting bad suggestions (ex. Fred flinstone vs Most interesting Man) since October, he joined the wiki on February 21st but didn't join the chat until 2 weeks after the day he joined.

Wachow lives in his own house in Miami Florida with his Girlfriend, Roxanne whom is pregnant with His baby (this is also something that people tease Him about). He is known to have said that ERB one of the few Youtube channels he waches and that he joined the wiki after being an AWC for so long that he wanted to be part of the community after seeing the fun the users had. When he joined the wiki chat for the first time he was immediately blamed for being a SockPuppet of Tbone due to his bad grammar and spelling (which was caused by his IPad) but was never kicked not banned in any way (coincidentally, Wachow is The only person on the wiki that still likes Tbone, even after his ban)

Known for In chatEdit

In chat, Wachow is known for his autocorrect and spelling (due to his IPad) and is kicked many times when there a major misspell (ex. Instead of "o/" he does "ohelloIKROMGXDi/"). As well on chat, he became the most kicked user after RTP left since him and RTP were the kicking bags of the wiki, but when RTP was forced to leave, people who kicked him, now kicked Wachow even more (although he is kicked less now due to being a chat mod). As well in chat, he is known for linking the latest blog he made many times in chat which was another reason he got kicked many times. On chat, he is one of the comic reliefs but he is more made fun of other than actually telling jokes or being funny.

The good notes of him on chat is that he is known to tell stories about Roxanne and him which usually end up with him getting hurt.

Known for Off Of ChatEdit

Off of chat, he was at first making Fan made Rap battles involving Video game characters which didn't get him much popularity, after that was done he started making Deadliest Wikior (which has 2 users fight to the death) which got him some sort of popularity, it wasn't until he started making his Parodies about users that actually got his some recognition, which even started to have other users make parodies, but only some of them are about the wiki, which all of Wachows Are about users on the wiki (including some ERB parodies).

Rap BattlesEdit

User BattlesEdit

Non-tourney battlesEdit

Normal battlesEdit
  1. Wachowman vs. Four.

Tourney battlesEdit

Normal battlesEdit
  1. Wachowman vs. J1coupe (Official Wiki Rap Tournament).

Character BattlesEdit

One userEdit

Character vs character: non-seriesEdit
  1. Tobuscus Vs BlueXephos
  2. Markiplier vs Pewdiepie
One person Rap SeriesEdit

Epic Gaming Rap Battles

  1. GLaDOS vs Clap Trap.
  2. Bill vs Daryl Dixon.
  3. Fawful vs Bowser.
  4. Steve Vs Mr Game&Watch.
  5. Psycho vs Witch.
  6. Nathan Drake vs Ezio.
  7. Starfy vs Slenderman.
  8. Spy vs Spy Ft.Spy. (Special Guest J1Coupe)
  9. Niko Bellic Vs Johnny Gat Ft.Godfather.
  10. Link Vs DragonBorn. (Special Guest RespectThePixel35)
  11. Joel Vs Lee. (Special Guest: FlareBlitz47)
  12. Handsome Jack vs. Menendez.

Multiple usersEdit

Character vs. character: non-series/non-tournamentEdit
  1. Weird Al Yankovic (Wachowman) vs. Rucka Rucka Ali (Patts).
Character vs. character: tournamentEdit

TV Show tournet

  1. Rick grimes (Wachowman) vs Blackadder (Devil as Lerooyinator).

Everything Tourney

  1. UberHaxorNova (Wachowman) vs SkyDoesMinecraft (SamisFusion)

Upcoming battles in tournaments

  1. BlueXephos (Wachowman) vs. PeanutButterGamer (Cacola ) (Youtubers tourney).
  2. Weird Al Yancovic (Wachowman) vs Stevie Wonder (Loygan ) (Musicians tourney).
  3. The Most Interesting Man In The World (Wachowman) vs. GIR (NightHawk ) (Random tourney).
Multiple person RapseriesEdit

Guest star in series by others

  1. SlenderMan (J1Coupe) vs Pyramid Head (Wachowman) (for J1Coupe's Epic Rap Battles Of VideoGames .)

Deadliest Wikior seriesEdit

In the Deadliest Wikior series wachow speculates about fictional real fightning battles between users.

  1. First battle, Scraw Vs Tesla.
  2. La battle? Lab vs Lak.
  3. Fire battle, Flare vs ZDawg.
  4. Chat clown battle, Steeler vs Meat.
  5. Four Battle, Four vs Negative Four.
  6. IDK battle, Sierra vs Shoop.
  7. Highly suggested battle, Nick Vs Night.
  8. Beruacrat battle, Ynkr Vs Piet.

Songs and parodiesEdit

Wachow makes many songs and parodes over time and releases them on the wiki.

  1. Erb wiki Song
  2. The devils saga
  3. Autocorrect
  4. Night vs Sierra
  5. Eye of the Coupe
  6. Some rhymes that I never knew
  7. Party in the ERB
  8. Beautiful Page
  9. Ynkr vs Steeler
  10. YTK vs TK
  11. Boredom
  12. Smells like Meatholl
  13. Remembering Pixel
  14. The troll that I have become
  15. I love Tuxedos
  16. Paro vs Devil vs Tbone vs PenisCrusher vs Samis
  17. Meat vs Four
  18. ERB wiki of ultimate Destiny
  19. Like a Mod
  20. Coder vs Warrior
  21. I Control
  22. Scraw vs Steeler 1,2,3
  23. Flare vs Fire
  24. Chat Awesomes vs Non Chat Awesomes
  25. BTTF
  26. ERB wiki Idiot
  27. Im Flareblitz and I Know it
  28. NF vs Sierra
  29. Coder and Wachow vs Coupe
  30. This is Trollaween
  31. Shaun vs Stoff
  32. Tesla and Dragon vs Patts and loyg
  33. Don't stop Being Awesome


His symbolic character is Macho Man Randy Savage

  • This makes him one of the few people to have a rapper as their character
    • The others being Coupe and Tesla
  • He is the First Dad on the wiki
  • He has more kicks than another user
    • Some argue that RTP has most kicks, but Wachow passed him in August.
  • His IPAD has caused him many Auto-Correct Errors which other users make fun of for ;-;
    • Although, it did give him the movie WACHWEEK
  • He was imitated by ClassicalExpendable as Nachowman, Lachowman, Qachowman, Eachowman, Rachowman, Tachowman, Yachowman, Uachowman, Oachowman, Kachowman, Nachowman is back, Pachowman and Randy Savage Maniac. After this CE got banned.

He has made more blogs than any other user on the wiki going over 100

  • his parody series is also the longest running series on the wiki.

Avatar GalleryEdit