Wiki History Timeline. Years on the Whyr (Whir) calendar are not comparable to the Gregorian calendar. TBS is Time Before Scraw, TDS is Time During Scraw, and TAS is Time After Scraw.


900 TBSEdit

  • Wiki is founded. Start of Anarchy Age, which lasts into 646 TBS

650 TBSEdit

  • Intrudgero and Hoagy arrive.

647 TBSEdit

  • Steeler arrives. Anarchy Age slowly ends as he takes control.

646 TBSEdit

  • Anarchy Age ends, Steeler and fellow admins clean up, start of Revival Era.

640 TBSEdit

  • Ynkr arrives. Hoagy and Intrudgero are gone by now.

632 TBSEdit

  • Revival Era slowly ends as more registered users begin to flow in. Revival still lives on for a while.

624 TBSEdit

  • Dark Ages begin. Trolls begin to arrive.

500 TBSEdit

  • Users like Tesla, Night, and Basalt arrive. Dark Ages at their worst point.

429 TBSEdit

  • Dark Ages slowly begin to recede, Tesla becomes admin in the First Troika.

400 TBSEdit

  • Rough recession of the Dark Ages, beginning of Enlightenment Era. 

366 TBSEdit

  • Night begins to ask for admin rights.

321 TBSEdit

  • Steeler begins to go away every now and then. First Troika begins to collapse from the inside.

310 TBSEdit

  • Dark Ages end. Enlightenment Era takes control.

282 TBSEdit

  • Night continues asking for adminship. 
  • Ynkr and Steeler begin to become more inactive, they are interchangeable.
  • First signs of Scraw as a lurker.

100 - 80 TBSEdit

  • Years of WC Immigration. More WCs begin to arrive.

50 - 10 TBSEdit

  • Enlightenment begins to end.


0 TDSEdit

  • Scraw arrives. Does his shit.

153 TDSEdit

  • Night becomes admin.

177 TDSEdit

  • First Civil War

200 TDS

  • Civil War ends. Official end of First Troika. First Tetrarchy is formed.
  • Piet becomes admin.

222 TDSEdit

  • Scraw, Loyg, and BTTF become chat mod. Earliest known signs as Devil in his second incarnation.

250 - 310 TDSEdit

  • Age of Trolls. Enlightenment ends in favor of the Hell Age. Devil becomes an apparent shithead.

300 - 330 TDSEdit

  • Trolls like Paro and Tbone show first signs of trollism.

365 TDSEdit

  • Devil is first blocked.

400 TDSEdit

  • BTTF and Loyg become admins. First Tetrarchy is replaced by the Council of Five.
  • Shaun, Meat, and Scraw become rollbacks.

~420 TDSEdit

  • Hell Age begins to end as the Golden Age starts. Coopay becomes chat mod.

450 TDSEdit

  • Shaun begins to lose favor. Coopay becomes second rollback in his place.

500 TDSEdit

  • Faltering of the Golden Age.

577 TDSEdit

581 TDSEdit

610 TDSEdit

700 TDSEdit

  • Golden Age begins to slowly collapse, anarchy is slowly returning.

738 TDSEdit

755 TDSEdit

  • Second Council of Five and First Lesser Troika are briefly disbanded as part of the coding upgrades.