TheEyeOfAlEyes (a.k.a. Eyes or Ray) was a former raging AWC now reformed and is currently an active user on ERB Wiki. Eyes was born on June 30, and is currently 20 years old. He may be ragey at times, but at other times he's more of a calm person than a raging person.

In Multi's second ERB Wiki Users Hurt/Heal game, Eyes overreacted and got very angry at two jokes made by JakeTheWrestleManiac and Tigerisnormal, he thought the jokes were serious statements and claimed that both users hated him. Jake and Tiger, with the help of WonderPikachu and Epicnail, got Eyes to calm down by showing they were joking, and Eyes made his apologies to Jake and Tiger for his overreactions and rage.

He currently has a rap battle series called "Epic Rap Battles of Rivalry," which is a series of user battles including ERB Wiki users, Fictional users, AWCs, Fictional AWCs and Sockpuppets.

Human Animatronics

Eyes' Current Avatar


  • He is the first known black user to join ERB Wiki.
  • He is the first person out of all (or if not all) ERB Wiki users to join Youtube. (August 19, 2008)
  • He is the only regular user in the First Wiki Rap Tournament to rap in Round 2, as the other seven users that were in Round 2 were Admins and Chat Mods.
  • He joined ERB Wiki on Ynkr's Birthday.
  • He was a rager since he was 8 years old.
  • Although he's 20 years old, he doesn't drive a car.
  • He has a genderswapped version of himself named Rachel.
  • Users claim that either Phil, or BTTF is Eyes' rival, but Eyes' rivalry is with Tbone.
  • The name "TheEyeOfAllEyes" comes from one of the characters he draws who's name is "King Eye" or "the Eye King", Ruler of a Kingdom known as the Eyeball Kingdom, this character was made by Eyes' sister.