User Information
Account Name Tesla Man
Real Name Jace Calganov
Avatar 150px-k4328703
Real Life Photo A137ee07d1c080521b669cabe7344303
Alliases Tesla, Tessie, Nikola Impeccably Dressed
Status Active User, Trusted User
Date of Birth and Age 24
Nationality Russian-American
Symbolic Character Batman, Nikola Tesla, Bane
Symbolic Character Picture 3031477-nealadamsbatman
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Former Admin, Adviser to Admins, Wiki High Councilman
Joined the wiki on February 18, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 7,700+
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #6
Wiki Rival Formerly NightHawk(Falcon)
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Edits 11
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database 10
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Frank Sinatra vs. Freddie Mercury
Favorite ERB Character Hannibal Lecter
Favorite ERB Suggestion Robocop vs Terminator
Nikola Impeccably Dressed
— Tesla

Tesla Man , also known as "Tesla" is an active user (curretly on hiatus) and former admin on the ERB wiki.

Tesla man joined the wiki on February 18th, he is currently 24 years old (born Febuary 20, 1991) and his real name is Jace Tiberius Calganov. Tesla was one of the first original admins on the wiki, promoted in September of 2012. Tesla is responsible for the wiki's current image, and most wiki activity as it is today. Tesla created the first Blog Rap Battle and first Wiki Fanmade Rap Battle series. Tesla is the wiki's official coding expert whose accomplishments include the mainpage, chat, userpage designs, infoboxes, etc.

Tesla was the host of the forst ERB Wiki Awards as well as the Second Official Wiki Rap Tournament. In the wiki awards, Tesla recieved Wiki User of the Year (which he later gave to Ynkrdlevin17), Greatest Editor of the Year, Greatest Fan-Made Battle of the Year (shared with Nighthawk9001) and Greatest User Rap Battle of the Year (in a battle vs NightHawk9001). Tesla competed in the First Wiki User Rap Battle Tournament, in which he tied with NightHawk9001 in the first round, and lost to MrPietcaptain in the second round. Tesla's Blogs usually differ from each other, as they are all random blogs, (but many of his blogs are still to help the Wiki). Tesla is most known for his helpful attitude towards others, and his Admin Powers. Unfortunately, he is on hiatus as of September 16, 2013.

Fanmade rap battlesEdit

  1. Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Edison.
  2. Alexander the Great vs. Ivan the Terrible.
  3. Julius Caesar vs. John F. Kennedy.
  4. Al Capone vs. The Joker.
  5. The Phantom of the Opera vs. Jason Voorhees.
  6. The Riddler vs. Mysterio.
  7. Link vs. Ash Ketchum.
  8. Man of Steel vs. Iron Man.


  • His Username is named after Nikola Tesla (who eventually appears in an ERB) making him one of the few people to make an ERB rapper their Avatar/Username,
    • others being Wachowman ("Macho Man" Randy Savage), J1Coupe (The 10th Doctor), DamasterW (Cleopatra and Marilyn Monroe), Sierrastalker (Eve), and TheMindofMe (Theodore Roosevelt)
      • He is the only person to have 2 ERB Rappers represent him (Batman and Nikola Tesla)
  • He is the only semi-active user to be inducted to the ERB Wiki Hall Of Fame


  • Inducted to the ERB Wiki Hall Of Fame Class of 2013