Rest. In. Peace!
— The Lerooyinator
Shadow-Lerooyinator is a former troll now user, who is attempting to redeem himself who currently resides on the ERB Wiki.  He was formerly known as Devilishmind of fun, a troll who terrorized the wiki after going mentally insane. Lerooy currently leads The Ministry, a faction that vows to put an end to trolling.

The Devilish Era (2012-2013)Edit

Lerooy used to be known as Devilishmind. Devil was a user who unfortunately fell into madness and after being banned from chat he turned to sockpuppeting which was his downfall. He then hid out on the Rap Battle Nation Wiki and had his 3rd battle with Dragonsblood which was a draw as both were knocked out seemingly dead. Then Devil disappeared and came back as Lerooyinator but was found out to be Devil and was blocked permanently, making everyone hope he was gone forever.

Return (2014)Edit

After 8 months, Lerooy finally returned to the ERB Wiki as The Lerooyinator and spoke to Meatholl asking for a return which he was finally accepted back in and had his final battle with Dragonsblood which was dubbed The End of an Era. He currently leads the Ministry, a faction that wants to stop trolling on the wiki.


  1. Devil's name and avatar comes from Devil Kazuya a character in the game Tekken.
  2. He does not however, have the most sockpuppet accounts. The titel of King Sockpuppet belongs to Classical CE Expendable.
  3. Because of him some users when they speak of a user and they come on chat the user says "Speak of The Devilishmind" which was originally from "Speak of the devil"
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Current Avatar

Known accountsEdit

Confirmed accounts

Devilishmind934, later changed to Devilishmind of fun

Devilishmind II

Devilishmind III

Captain Coolface

The Shadow Warrior of Destruction




User Information
Account Name Shadow-Lerooyinator
Avatar Undertaker_1999_ministry.jpg
Alliases Devil, Devildude, Satan, King of Trolls, Shadow Warrior, Lerooy.
Status Active as The Lerooyinator, Devil account still banned
Symbolic Character The Undertaker
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Lord of the Ministry
Joined the wiki on January 17, 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 932
Ranked on the ERB Wiki User
Wiki Rival Dragonsblood, (friendly rival)

Four4 (Sometimes when they argue)

ERB Wiki Database
Disabled Lerooyinator, Devilishmind of fun
Sockpuppets Devilishmind934, later changed to Devilishmind of fun,

Devilishmind II, Devilishmind III, Captain Coolface, The Shadow Warrior of Destruction, Deathination, Lerooyinator,

Backup CaptainCoolface
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Beethoven vs Justin Bieber
Favorite ERB Character Ludwig van Beethoven
Favorite ERB Suggestion Thrall vs Thor
Fanmade Battles Thrall vs Thor, Michael Keaton vs Christian Bale
Favorite Fanmade Battle Thrall vs Thor

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