ScoobyWho is an active user on the ERB wiki on late October 2014. He is known for his version of Epic Rap Battles of History and Mixed Up Rap Battles of Awesomeness
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User Information
Account Name ScoobyWho
Real Name Fionn Bowler
Avatar Tumblr static scooby in the tardis by hisuikaihane
Alliases Scooby

Scooby Whooby Who

Status Active
Symbolic Character Scooby Doo


Symbolic Character Picture PKAdn8ATARDISDoctorWho
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
Joined the wiki on 29th October 2014
ERB Wiki Edits 372
Wiki Relationship Unknown
Wiki Rival Anonymous
ERB Wiki Database
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Terminator vs RoboCop

Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters

Favorite ERB Character The Mythbusters
Favorite ERB Suggestion Scooby and Shaggy vs Sherlock and Watson
Rapseries Mixed Up Rap Battles of Awesomeness

Epic Rap Battles: Scooby Doo vs History (upcoming)
Parody Rap Battles of Epicosity (upcoming)

Favorite Fanmade Battle Sherlock Holmes vs Mystery Inc by TKandMit