RespectthePixel35, Also known as just "RTP", was a active user of the ERB Wiki.

His name came from the game Minecraft which is well known for it's simple pixels.


  • Due to unfortunate actions, RTP was forced to disable his account by his mother's command, this as well goes for his sister RespectthePixelette.
    • Although he did make a new account named RespectthePixel35.1 but again was found out about and he never logged in with it.
    • However, he has told the user Firebrand794 via Youtube PMs and Bulbapedia forums that he may return in a few weeks, as he will ask his mother after he is ungrounded (grounded due to bad grades)
Pinkie pie by moongazeponies-d3g6mt2


  • RTP was the biggest MLP fan on the server, he even persuaded 2 people to Watch MLP which they both ended up enjoying.
  • As means to commemorate his tenure in the wiki, he has been inducted to the ERB Wiki Hall of Fame


  • Inducted to the ERB Wiki Hall Of Fame Class of 2013