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Account Name Patts9009
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Alliases Patts
Status Active
Symbolic Character Slender Man
Symbolic Character Picture Knipsel2
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Joined the wiki on February 23, 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 1,658
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #104
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Favorite ERB Battle Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who
Favorite ERB Character Al Capone
Favorite Fanmade Battle Ryu Hayabusa vs. Scorpion (By Jccoupe)
— Patts

Patts9009, also known as "Patts", is an active user and former chatmod on the ERB wiki. Suffering from MPD, he is the only one on the wiki to have multiple people to help him make the rap battles, dis raps, and other works that he has done.

Rap BattlesEdit

User BattlesEdit

Non-tourney battlesEdit

  1. Lost battle: RapBattleFanatic vs Patts9009
  2. RespectthePixel35 vs Patts9009
  3. Patts9009 vs 723tbone
  4. Patts9009 vs LakuitaBro01

Character BattlesEdit

One userEdit

Character vs character: non-seriesEdit

Season 1

  1. Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe
  2. Mark Twain vs Jack London
  3. Norman Bates vs Hannibal Lecter
  4. Dick Clark vs Ed Sullivan
  5. Muhammad Ali vs Rocky Balboa
  6. Mister Ed vs Applejack
  7. Liam Neeson vs Leonardo DiCaprio
  8. Weird Al Yankovic vs Rucka Rucka Ali
  9. Stevie Wonder vs Ray Charles
  10. Penn and Teller vs Siegfried and Roy
  11. Robin Hood vs William Tell
  12. PaRappa the Rapper vs Drake
  13. Phoenix Wright vs Atticus Finch
  14. Sadako Yamamura vs Kayako Saeki
  15. The Finale

Season 2

  1. Roald Dahl vs JK Rowlings
  2. Mr. Miyagi vs Socrates
  3. Weird Al Yankovic vs Rucka Rucka Ali II
  4. Sigmund Freud vs Freddy Krueger
  5. Danny Zuko vs Arthur Fonzarelli
  6. Buffy vs Blade
  7. Professor Layton vs The Riddler
  8. Dracula vs Frankenstein's Monster
  9. Bonnie and Clyde vs Romeo and Juliet
  10. Anthony Zuiker vs Agatha Christie
  11. Lauren Faust vs Steven Moffat
  12. Tiny Tim vs Ralphie

Multiple usersEdit

Character vs. character: tournamentEdit

Brunswikian Tourney

  1. Usain Bolt vs Slender Man
  2. The Doctor vs Slender Man
  3. Slender Man vs Scout
  4. Slender Man vs FDR

Pixelated Tourney

  1. Phoenix Wright vs Lara Croft
  2. Phoenix Wright vs Hank Hill

Video Game Tourney

  1. Booker DeWitt vs Captain Falcon

Doomsday Tourney

  1. Nemesis vs Lich King
  2. Nemesis vs Sideshow Bob
Guest star in series by othersEdit

Epic Rap Battles of Pony-try  #Discord vs Princess Luna

  1. Doctor Whooves vs Trixie Lulamoon
  2. Spitfire vs Lightning Dust

Dis RapsEdit

Season 1

  1. Whiskerfishy.
  2. StWeavile6.
  3. Laboratory Tuxedo.
  4. Four4.
  5. AwesomeGamer.
  6. Tbone.
  7. Ms. Greene.
  8. Max.
  9. Konnor.

Season 2

  1. Cody.
  2. Devilishmind of fun.
  3. Tbone II.
  4. ParoThese.
  5. Shamar, Rashee, and Chris.
  6. Konnor II.
  7. Jasper.
  8. Scott.
  9. Jordan.
  10. Alex.
  11. Daniel, Luke and Julie.


  1. Some poem
  2. Poem for Abby-kins


  1. Breakup Song
  2. Memories of You


  1. Diary


  1. Troll Battles I
  2. Troll Battles II
  3. Epic Rap Battles Of Little Shit Thing


  •  Patts has never lost a rap battle (vote wise), SO FAR.
    • He did, however, forfeit a battle against Barry.
  • Patts signed up and joined for the brunswikians tourney when he was still a new user and won.
  • Patts is often referred to when people say "..." This being what Patts does a lot.
    • Fellow user BasaltWolf also uses it, and while Basalt claims that he did it before him, Patts is more recognized for the "..." than Basalt.
  • Patts has kicked Flare in one day 14 times and RTP 23 times.
  • He is one of the few People on the wiki to have the Dragon Ball Z reference from the line It's over 9000, the others being, the others being NightFalcon and PenisCrusher.