Not-So-Epic Crap Battles of Shitstory is a fanmade crap battle series created by Loygansono and Meatholl.

Season 1

  1. Dora the Explorer vs. Internet Explorer.
  2. Black Michael Jackson vs. White Michael Jackson.
  3. Klu Klux Klan vs. 9/11 Terrorists.
  4. Dante Cimadamore vs. Mary Gutfleisch.
  5. Google vs. Wally.
  6. Kim Jong-un vs. Po the Panda.
  7. Curtains vs. Bottle O' Whiskey (Season 1 Finale).

Season 2

  1. Blackbeard vs. Al Capone.
  2. Guy who Discovered Fire vs. Guy who Invented the Wheel.
  3. Miley Citrus Berry vs. Joan of the Arc of Noah.
  4. Bob Ross vs Pablo Picasso
  5. Bary McInus vs Jurn Vn Esn
  6. Flappy Bird vs Doge


  • This series won the Wiki award for Best Crap Battle Series of 2013.
  • Every battle since Curtains vs Bottle O' Whiskey has been a battle royale, which has since become a series staple and running gag.
    • ​Another running gag in this series (since season 2) is that the polls will include random characters and/or objects that didn't actually appear or rap during the battle at all, the most notable example being Alison Brie, who has been included in every poll of season 2 thus far, and has rapped on three occasions, becoming somewhat of a series mascot.
    • Official series iTunes covers created by J1coupe have featured these joke characters and objects, causing the cluttered images to become a running gag.
    • Ever since the audio for Blackbeard vs Al Capone did not come out on time, the series has started parodying actual Epic Rap Battles of History before they are released. This has become yet another running gag, and will most likely continue.