Nikki Lee 1999
User Information
Account Name Nikki Lee 1999
Real Name Nikki Lee
Alliases Nikki, Nyx
Status Blocked
Age 15
Nationality American
Symbolic Character Dark Magician Girl
Symbolic Character Picture
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Blocked User
Joined the wiki on October 31 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 8,208
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Blocked (formerly #7)
Wiki Relationship Wife of NightFalcon9004, Girlfriend of Joeaikman
Wiki Rival N/A
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Edits 102
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database 1
Disabled Nikki Lee
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking
Favorite ERB Character Stephen Hawking
Favorite ERB Suggestion Tupac vs Bach
Fanmade Battles 2

Nikki Lee 1999 created her original account on October 31st 2013. However, her account got blocked globally and she then made the account Nikki Lee 1999 on December 23rd 2013. 


  • Her original account name was her real name.
  • She got her last name from her grandfather.