User Information
Account Name NightFalcon9004
Real Name Max De La Vega
Avatar Night Avatar 2
Alliases Night, Hawk, Falcon, NH, NF
Status Active User, Trusted User
Date of Birth and Age Age: 17
Symbolic Character Death the Kid
Symbolic Character Picture Death-the-kid-soul-eater-death-the-kid-rocks-29624080-400-580
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title None
Joined the wiki on March 12, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 11,732
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #5
Wiki Relationship Sierrastalker (probably formerly)
Wiki Rival Tesla Man
ERB Wiki Database
Sockpuppets Espeon 18
Backup Falcon of Flames
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley
Favorite ERB Character Stephen Hawking
Favorite ERB Suggestion Walt Disney vs. Seth MacFarlane
Fanmade Battles 35
Rapseries Epic Fanmade Battles of History, Epic Cartoon Rap Battles
Forklifts cannot lift forks. Despite their name, they do anything but lift forks.
— NightFalcon

NightFalcon9004 (formerly NightHawk9001), also known as just Night, Hawk' or Falcon is an active user and former rollback on the ERB Wiki. He created the Epic Fanmade Rap Battles of History .


  • Night is one of the few users to have Dragon Ball Z reference "9000" in their username.
  • He battled LuigiGuy and created the first user rap battle on the wiki.