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Mythical Battles of Historical Shit is a fanmade series started by GravityMan. It is a series which takes characters from myths, fairy tales, and folk tales. It will only have three seasons.

Season 1Edit

(June 2015-August 2015)

  1. Hansel and Gretel vs Jack and Jill
  2. Atlas vs Earth Turtle
  3. Tarzan vs Mowgli
  4. Master Thief vs Aladdin
  5. Trimurti vs the Aztec Cultural Gods (Midseason Battle)
  6. David vs Jack
  7. Mulan vs Pope Joan
  8. Slender Man vs the Bogey Man
  9. The 12 Labors Battle (Finale)

Season 2Edit

(October 2015-??? 2016)

  1. The Three Bears vs The Three Pigs
  2. Davy Jones vs Bloody Mary
  3. Gilgamesh vs Beowulf
  4. Allan Quartermain vs Fu Manchu
  5. Sleeping Beauty vs Snow White
  6. TBA
  7. Zorro vs Robin Hood
  8. TBA
  9. Hades vs Osiris


  1. GravityMan (9, All)
  2. ThyNotShallRap (2, David, TBA)
  3. Baby GG (1, Yeti)
  4. The Flatwoods Monster (1, The Flatwoods Monster)
  5. MetalFire (1, Mothman)
  6. GliscorFan (1, Wendigo)
  7. Kungfuguy (3, Chupacabra, Mongolian Death Worm, TBA)
  8. TKandMit (1, the Jersey Devil)
  9. Drakan95 (1, TBA)
  10. Brandon Service (1, TBA)
  11. Corporeal Dexter (1, TBA)


GravityMan writes the demos and the final outcome, Iamthelegion is the official chiseler, and Leandro is the official cover maker of the series.

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