User Information
Account Name Firebrand795
Real Name Alexa
Avatar Fire Avatar 1
Real Life Photo N/A
Alliases Fire, Rebrand, Fiya, Lexi, Alexa
Status Active
Date of Birth and Age 7 - 28 - 1998 (Age: 16)
Nationality American, Irish, Italian, Dutch, Indian (A Mix)
Symbolic Character Shiny Gardevoir
Symbolic Character Picture Fire Avatar 1
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Chat Mod
Joined the wiki on 02 - 25 - 2013 (With account)

02 - 15 - 2013 (As an AWC)

ERB Wiki Edits 5,615
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #28
Wiki Relationship Avatar Four (Onesided)
Wiki Rival N/A
ERB Wiki Database
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database N/A
Disabled Firebrand794, ParoCheese
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter
Favorite ERB Character Clint Eastwood
Favorite ERB Suggestion Robocop vs. Terminator
Fanmade Battles Many
Rapseries Epic Rap Battles of Firebrand Rebranded
Favorite Fanmade Battle N/A
I live in a whale's vagina
— Fire

Firebrand795, also known as just Fire, Alexa or Lexi is an active user and chat mod on the ERB Wiki. She is often considered to be the funniest of all users on the ERB Wiki. She has a backup account called ParoCheese, a parody of the user ParoThese.

As of January 15th, 2014 she has globally disabled her account, and is no longer using ParoCheese

She returned on January 25th, 2014 under a new account, which she still uses.

Rap BattlesEdit

Alexa was the creator of a series of battles known as Epic Rap Battles of Firebrand, which lasted a total of 20 battles before being retired. She recently started up a new version known as Epic Rap Battles of Firebrand Rebranded.