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Account Name Mrpietcaptain
Real Name Jari van der Laan
Avatar Piet Avatar 1
Alliases Piet, Captain
Status Active User, Trusted User
Nationality Dutch
Symbolic Character Sheldon Cooper
Symbolic Character Picture Im-parsons1
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Bureaucrat
Joined the wiki on July 14, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 6,839
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #4
ERB Wiki Database
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Suggestion Sheldon Cooper vs. Isaac Newton
— Mrpietcaptain

Mrpietcaptain is a bureaucrat on the ERB wiki and one of the most responsible persons on the wiki.  He is als one of the three Dutchketeers, the others being ClassicalExpendable and Meatholl . Ironically  Piet is not his real name, which is Jari van der Laan.


  • He is known for having Sheldon Cooper/Big Bang Theory Gifs.
  • Him being a fan of the show and Sheldon even being his Avatar.
  • He has suggestd the rap battle Sheldon Cooper vs Isaac Newton many times and Nice Peter even responded on it.
  • He usually responds to the Nellie Bly vs. Amelia Earhart suggestion with "Meh".
260px-Isaac Newton vs Sheldon cooper

Piet's Sheldon Cooper vs. Isaac Newton Cover fanart.

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