User Information
Name he's too pussy to tell us :3
Account Name Minipop56
Real Life Photo N/A
Alliases Minipop, Mini, Gauss
Status Active
Date of Birth and Age Not telling
Nationality Chinese
Symbolic Character Carl Friedrich Gauss
Symbolic Character Picture
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Active User
Joined the wiki on October 30th 2013
ERB Wiki Edits 2591
Ranked on the ERB Wiki 28th
Wiki Relationship SliceTHEcake (son); Captain Coder (dad)
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Edits 60
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database 10th
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Sir Isaac Newton vs Bill Nye
Favorite ERB Character Sir Isaac Newton
Favorite ERB Suggestion Carl Gauss vs Leonhard Euler
Fanmade Battles 4
Rapseries Epic Rap Battles of Nerdiness
Win-Tie-Lost Ratio 1:1:0
Maths is universal. A maths equation is not just true in America, Canada, etc. But it is true because of the universal laws of mathematics. And nowhere you go will a country have a different answer to an equation to another country. Apart from North Korea. :3
— Minipop56

Minipop56 is a mathematics and Apple nerd. He created the Epic Rap Battles of Nerdiness.

Epic Rap Battles of NerdinessEdit

The Epic Rap Battles of Nerdiness have had 3 installments so far. The first one, admittedly, sucks. It is Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates. Two of Minipop56's favourite historical people are Steve Jobs and Carl Gauss. Obviously, Minipop then decided to make a Carl Gauss vs David Hilbert battle, as it was his favourite ERB suggestion, which was only ever suggested by him. (ts) The battle was much better, in his opinion, than his first attempt to make a fanmade battle. Next, Minipop56's son SliceTHEcake suggested for him to do Mark Zuckerberg vs Jeff Bezos for his next battle. Minipop56 indeed did it, and it was released three days later. Next, Minipop56 wanted to do another mathematician battle. He decided to do Pierre de Fermat vs Andrew Wiles. It was an instant hit.

The planned schedule will go like this:

No. Battle  Release Date
#1 Steve Jobs vs Bill Gates 01/01/2013
#2 Carl Gauss vs David Hilbert 01/01/2013
#3 Mark Zuckerberg vs Jeff Bezos 01/01/2013
#4 Pierre de Fermat vs Andrew Wiles 01/01/2013
#5 Carl Sagan vs Nicolaus Copernicus 06/01/2013
#6 TBA 10/01/2013
#7 TBA 13/10/2013
#8 TBA 20/10/2013
#9 A Nerdy Carol 27/10/2013

His Acquaintances/ FriendsEdit

His family: SliceTHEcakeCaptain Coder

Others: Nikki Lee;  Patts9009;  Firebrand794;  JPhil2.0;  J1coupe;   Loygansono55;  NightFalcon9004;  CW;  Killerface45Left 4 speedPanchamp98FlareBlitz47

User BattlesEdit

Minipop56 has been in a user battle with Panchamp98 and Left 4 speed. The first one was with Panchamp. Minipop56 tied with Panchamp 2-2.The second one was with Left 4 speed. Minipop56 won against him 4-1. The respective battles are below:

Panchamp98 vs Minipop56;

Left 4 speed vs Minipop56