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Account Name Meatholl
Real Name
Avatar Request-Meatholl
Real Life Photo too creepy to show
Alliases Sloth Pope, Meat, Lord Humpalot.
Status Active User
Date of Birth and Age December 3, 1997 (age: 18)
Nationality Dutch
Symbolic Character The Sloth Pope
Symbolic Character Picture Sloth-Pope
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Blocked user
Joined the wiki on December 26, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 4,380
Ranked on the ERB Wiki N/A
Wiki Relationship None
Wiki Rival Loygansono55
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Title N/A
ERB Wiki Database Edits 6
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database N/A
Sockpuppets ClarinetGurl
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Blackbeard vs Al Capone
Favorite ERB Character Al Capone
Favorite ERB Suggestion Walter White vs. Pablo Escobar
Rapseries Not So Epic Crap Battles of Shitstory
Favorite Fanmade Battle Jesus vs Eminem (by NightFalcon)
I do dudes.
— Meatholl

Meatholl is a blocked troll on ERB Wiki.

How Meat sees himselfEdit

As literally the bees knees.

How Meatholl really isEdit

Not the bees knees.

Rap BattlesEdit

User BattlesEdit

Non-tourney battlesEdit

Normal battlesEdit
  1. Meatholl vs. Dragonsblood23.
  2. Meatholl vs. 723tbone.
  3. Meatholl vs. SierraStalker.
  4. Meatholl vs. Devilishmind934.
  5. Meatholl vs. ParoThese.
  6. Meatholl vs. Tesla Man.
  7. Meatholl vs. Loygansono55.
  8. Meatholl vs. Loygansono55 2.
  9. Meatholl vs. SierraStalker 2.
  10. Meatholl vs. ShoopDaKev.
  11. Meatholl vs. RespectthePixel35.
  12. Meatholl vs. DexterMaximus.
  13. Meatholl vs. Wachowman.
  14. Meatholl vs. Four4.
  15. Meatholl vs. ClassicalExpendable.

Tourney battlesEdit

Tourney audition.

Tesla's Official 2nd tourneyEdit
  1. Meatholl vs. SamisFusion. 
  2. Meatholl vs. Ynkrdlevin17. 
  3. Meatholl vs. MrpietCaptain (vs. ClassicalExpendable).
  4. Meatholl vs. NightFalcon.
Negative Four tourneyEdit
  1. Meatholl vs. Wachow.
  2. Meatholl vs. MrAwesome300.

Character BattlesEdit

One userEdit

Character vs character: Non-seriesEdit

Season 1

  1. Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer.
  2. Indiana Jones vs. Han Solo.
  3. Ash Ketchum vs. Yugi Moto.
  4. Superman vs. Son Goku.
  5. Ronald McDonald vs. The Joker.
  6. Eric Cartman vs. Jimmy Hopkins.
  7. Barbie vs. Action Man.
  8. Zeus vs. Electro.
  9. God vs. The Devil.
  10. Eduard Khill vs. Rick Astley (Season Finale)

Season 2

  1. Ash Ketchum vs. Charles Darwin.
  2. Playstation 3 vs. Xbox 360.
  3. Slenderman vs. Jeff the Killer 2.
  4. Usain Bolt vs. Sonic the Hedgehog.
One person Rap SeriesEdit

He also made som rap battles he calls Troll Raps because they are not serious.

  1. Jimmy Neutron vs. Dexter.
  2. Dick vs. Vagina.
  3. Vito Corleone vs. Carl Johnson.

Multiple usersEdit

Multiple person RapseriesEdit

Meatholl created many fanmade rap battles and created the Not-So-Epic Crap Battles of Shitstory series with Loygansono.

Dis RapsEdit

  1. School.
  2. Tesla.
  3. Bryan.


  1. Drunk.
  2. Goddammit.
  3. Racism.
  4. Whatever.
  5. Fat.
  6. Breaking Bad Season 1 Rap.


  1. Rapping Lore. (Meatholl rapping about his life).
  2. Ouch!_That_hurts. (Meatholl about the best lines of his opponents).
  3. Diss me. (People challenging others to diss rap him.)
  4. The Meme Rap. (Meatholl with some strange memerap nobody gets.)
  5. Message to the wiki I: Please do read.
  6. Message to the wiki II: Meatholl's Q&A.  (Meatholl about Q&A blogs.)
  7. Message to the wiki III: To Tesla and Hawk and the rest of the ERB Wiki.
  8. Message to the wiki IV: What is the best shut the fuck up.  (Meatholl about what is the best blog.)
  9. Message to the wiki V: Let me tell you a story... (Meatholl about him being bi-sexual.)
  10. Message to the wiki VI: A quick question.
  11. Message to the wiki VII: Bullshit. (Meatholl about him leaving on Aprils Fool's Day.)
  12. Message to the wiki VIII: R.I.P. Meatholl. (Meatholl faking his own death.)
  13. Message to the wiki IX: A Devilish debate. (Meatholl about the potential return of Devil.)