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1. Welcome thing: Something about the original ERB Wiki Explaining what this database is

2. Features? Kinds of rap battles and users in short words

3. User policies: The pages are NOT Profiles! they are objective

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1. Add your own info, you're the star (and info about the new infobox and quote system) 2. Check out the raps! 3. Something about the ERB Wiki 4. ERB Wiki database progress

Kinds of users: - Active/Current Users - Inactive/Former Users - Trolls - ERB Wiki Authorities - ERB Wiki Database Authorities - Links to the userpages of Lloyd and Peter - Hall of Fame - Hall of Shame

Battles: - Best Fanmade iTunes Covers - Current Tournament - Link to the page about the former tournaments - Link to the page about the known rapseries

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1. ERB WIki hall of fame and hall of shame

2. User of the era (changing every 3 months)

3. Users: (Active/Current, Inactive/Former, Trolls) (links to pages)

4. Associated wiki's (Same thing as the erb wiki has with the yourube community)

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Links to:

- ERB Wiki authorities

- ERB Wiki Database authorities

- Peter and Lloyd userpages


Calender: - Anniversaries of ERBs - Anniversaries of users - Birthdays


About ERB

- Fav ERB Poll

- Fav Rapper poll

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