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Account Name Loygansono55
Real Name Barry
Avatar 150px-58057y40
Real Life Photo Sexy Face Barry ye
Alliases Loyg, Loygan, Barry, Barreh
Status Active User, Trusted User
Date of Birth and Age August 25, 1997
Nationality Scottish, British
Symbolic Character Shulk
Symbolic Character Picture Shulky
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ERB Wiki Title Admin, Rollback
Joined the wiki on November 29, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 6897
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #1
Wiki Relationship Married with J1coupe
Wiki Rival Meatholl
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Backup TheUltraSprangles
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Favorite ERB Battle Michael Jackson vs. Elvis Presley and Blackbeard vs. Al Capone
Rapseries Not-So-Epic Crap Battles of Shitstory, The Epic Rap Battles of What the Fuck? and The Epic Rap Battles of Random Everyday Objects.
lol why dafuq are there fingernails on my crotch?
— Loygan

Loygansono55 , better known as just Loygan or Barry is an admin and user. He likes anime and videogames. He does not go to school and is Scottish. He is also a Brony and Whovian. 


Rap BattlesEdit

User Battles (User vs User)Edit

Non-tourney battlesEdit

  1. Logyansono55 vs. Dragonsblood23.
  2. Loygansono55 vs. Dragonsblood23 2. 
  3. Loygansono55 vs. Sierrastalker.
  4. Loygansono55 vs. 723tbone. 
  5. Loygansono55 vs. Meatholl..
  6. Loygansono55 vs. Meatholl 2..
  7. Loygansono55 vs. AnimaShaun..
  8. Loygansono55 vs. AnimaShaun 2..
  9. Loygansono55 vs. RespectthePixel35.
  10. Loygansono55 vs. JPhil2.0.
  11. Loygansono55 vs. Captain Warrior.

Tourney battlesEdit

Second Wiki Rap TournamentEdit
  1. Loygansono55 vs. Lasse200.
  2. Loygansono55 vs.Nick.
  3. Loygansono55 vs.BTTF.

Character BattlesEdit

User vs. User as characters: Tourney battlesEdit

Brunswikian TournamentEdit
  1. Galileo Galilei vs. Leonardo da Vinci.
Horror Tournament Edit
  1. Count Dracula vs. Jerry Dandridge.
Video Game TournamentEdit
  1. Shulk vs. Tira.
Doomsday TournamentEdit
  1. Kefka Palazzo vs. Mael Radec.

Guest Star in fanmade battles/fanseries by othersEdit

  1. Waffles vs. Pancakes.
  2. Gummy Bears vs. Actual Bears.


One person rapseriesEdit
  1. Rebecca Black vs. Snow White.
  2. Neil Armstrong vs. Buzz Lightyear.
  3. Yogi Bear vs. Winnie the Pooh.
  4. Yogi Bear vs. Winnie the Pooh 2.
  5. Ash Ketchum vs. Yugi Moto.
  6. Ash Ketchum vs. Yugi Moto 2.
  7. Indiana Jones vs. Lara Croft.
  8. Bowser vs. Ganondorf.
  9. He-Man vs. Hercules.
  10. Colonel Sanders vs. Ronald McDonald.
  11. Colonel Sanders vs. Ronald McDonald 2.
  12. Frankenstein's Monster vs. Quasimodo.
  13. Shaggy and Scooby-Doo vs. Inspector Clouseau.
  14. Dorothy Gale vs. Alice.
  15. Popeye vs. Asterix and Obelix.
  16. Dokuro-chan vs. Haruhi Suzumiya.
  17. Slender Man vs. Doctor Octopus.
  18. Gene Simmons vs. Slash.
  19. Cosmo and Wanda vs. Fairy Godmother.
  20. Mark Zuckerberg vs. Alexander Graham Bell.
  21. Edward Cullen vs. Harry Potter vs. Frodo Baggins vs. Luke Skywalker feat. Percy Jackson.
  22. Meg Griffin vs. Medusa.
  23. Sweeney Todd vs. Edward Scissorhand.
  24. Ghostface VS Pinhead.
  25. Superman VS Goku.
  26. Captain America VS George Washington.


  1. Mario vs. Luigi.
  2. Smosh vs. ERB.
Multiple person rapseriesEdit


The Epic_Rap_Battles_of_What_the_Fuck?

The Epic_Rap_Battles_of_Random_Everyday_Objects.

Dis RapsEdit

  1. My Sister.
  2. Carl Stanson.
  3. Pedro.


Tourney Audition

Epic Rap Battles of History with YT Captions.

DisRapsforHire with YT Captions.


  • He guest starred in BasaltWolf's Boredom on the ERB Wiki Episode 9.
  • He ranks number one on the wiki ranklist.