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Account Name Panchamp98
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Alliases Lakuita, LakuitaBro, Lak
Status Active
Symbolic Character Scott from Total Drama
Symbolic Character Picture Scot
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title A sad, lonely kid who no one looks at his blogs...
Joined the wiki on January 13
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #70
Wiki Rival Labtuxedo
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Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database #19
Disabled LakuitaBro01, LakuitaBro (first user name made back in January)
Sockpuppets MorganFreemanForYou, The Chat's Human Form, others I can't name
Backup Arthosus210
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Blackbeard vs. Al Capone
Favorite ERB Character Doctor Who
Favorite ERB Suggestion Ash Ketchum vs. Charles Darwin
Win-Tie-Lost Ratio 6 - 0 - 7
Favorite Fanmade Battle John Marston vs. Dogeyes Lin
When life game me lemons, I effed it up the butt and gave it lemonaids
— Panchamp98

Panchamp98 , an epic user who is lov- nope. Arthosus is your average user that writes battles and nobody goes and reads them. Arthosus used to be a different user (LakuitaBro01) until he was caught for Lak-ing the age... he likes Pokemonz, btw, for all the ladies out there. He gets scared easily by walking into his bathroom with no windows, thinking that Jeff the Killer or something like that will pop out because of past experiences with the anne.jpg. He's a master a Super Smash Bros Brawl as both Marth and Bowser where as Bowser, he commits suicide while taking out his enemy (Walk + 1 = that thing where he grabs his enemy and jumps up and then does something on the sideways wii remote). He really wants to get Pokemon X and Y but his mom won't let him when that's the reason his parents got a 3DS for in the first place on his birthday last year. He's bullied here and there by this annoying kid (Konnor) who thinks he's hot stuff when in reality, half of the people I know hate his guts since all that comes out of his mouth are sex, masterbation, menstrational, rape, and go suck a penis jokes (sounds like he would Meatholls kid XD). Arthosus is very easy to dis in user rap battles, since a crap ton of stuff happens to him almost everyday. So far, he has been in 3 or 4 user battles and now, in a little bit, a 4th or 5th one. In all of them though, he lost painfully, except for the first one, where he obliterated Dragonsblood23, a user that's just like him on the wiki. He is the creator of total Drama Middle School


He started out as a cell inside of his mother and when he was born he almost died but he died... the said truth about Arthosus. When a toddler, his dog, Flick (now deceased), made him hit his head multiple times, making him the odd kid out. He didn't like loud noises, wanted to be with his mom. As he grew older, that all changed and now, here he is, going through puberty... and his voice is getting deeper... , to quote Happy Appy: 'That's natural, kids'