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Nationality Cuban, Jamacan, Puerto Rican, Spanish, British, German, Scottish, Polish
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Favorite ERB Battle Michael Jordan vs. Muhammad Ali
Favorite ERB Character JP Morgan
Coding is like language and writing, you learn by ideas and bases. If everyone came up with their own, the World would be misunderstood.
— JPhil2.0

JPhil2.0 also known as just "Phil", has been an Active User on the ERB Wiki since July 8th 2013. JPhil2.0 is an aficionado of various Science Fiction franchises. Those including: Star Trek, Star Wars, Doctor Who, and many others. He is very experienced with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Coding, and has brought a new aspect of advanced technological technique to the Wiki. He has accomplished and overcame many things including, cancer and adoption. In September of 2013 he officially started the ERB Wiki Gazette, unfortunately it was discontinued. He is also very globally active, he is a Wikia Language Bridgadeer: The first Official wikia Latin Translator, and he applied to be a Wikia Star.

Fanmade rap battlesEdit

No. Battle 

Goku vs. Superman


Vader vs. Hitler pt.III


Harry Potter vs. Harry Houdini


Yoda vs. Confucius


Walt Disney vs. Matt Groening


Tiny Tim vs. Ralphie


Jean Luc Picard vs. Jack Sparrow


Emperor Palpatine vs. Ronald Reagan

#9 TBA