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Account Name J1coupe
Avatar 10th Doctor
Alliases Coupe, Jason, The Doctor, Coopay
Status Active
Symbolic Character Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Symbolic Character Picture Doctor-Who-Tennant
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title Bureaucrat
Joined the wiki on October 12, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 12,680
Ranked on the ERB Wiki #3
ERB Wiki Database
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Doc Brown vs. Doctor Who
Fanmade Battles 60
Rapseries Epic Rap Battles of Video Games
Trust Me. I'm the Doctor.
— J1coupe

J1coupe , also known as just Coupe or Jason, is an active user and bureaucrat on the ERB wiki.

User Battles (User vs User)Edit

Non-tourney battlesEdit

1. J1coupe vs. Sierrastalker

2. J1coupe vs. LakuitaBro01

3. J1coupe vs. Dragonsblood23

Character BattlesEdit

Fanmade Battles (User is both characters)Edit

1. J. R. R. Tolkien vs. H. P. Lovecraft

2. Ghostbusters vs. Mythbusters

3. Battle of the Doctors

4. Vito Corleone vs. Al Capone


One person rap seriesEdit

Epic Rap Battles of Video Games


He has a series called Epic Rap Battles Of Video Games which is currently on its 5th season.

He is known for posting/having Doctor Who Gifs

  • Doctor Who being his favorite show
    • The tenth doctor is his symbolic character.

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