Flare's current avatar.


Flare's former avatar.

Flareblitz47 , also known as just Flare or Blitz, is an Active user on the ERB wiki.

Flare is an active user on the ERB wiki since December 15th of 2012, he was born on December 27(unknown year) and his Name is currently unknown. Flare is known for his Comedic attitude in chat and his nick names for most people(Ex. rebrand, Chowman and Respect), Flare has made very little amount of blogs (there only being 3 in total).


  • Whenever someone would join chat, just like his nicknames, he would make a different version of it (EX. Instead of o/ he'd put 0\.
    • humorlessly, whenever a new user would be and chat and witness Flare do this, they often reply with "(fail)" just to be told by everyone in chat and Flare himself that "Flare always does that"
  • Flare's original avatar, shown left, was changed to have a "condemned" signed over the word "Faggot" after wikia blocked him for it.