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Welcome to the ErbWikiDatabase Wiki. This is a wiki about the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki. that anyone can edit. We currently have 151 articles


This wiki will feature many pages about former and current users, their rapseries , the different kinds of user rap battles and more!

Page policy

Only users with any influence on the wiki will get a page, and remember users, this wiki is not your personal User Page. This wiki us an objective page about you, your work and your influence on the wiki. Example of a good user page:

Users on the wiki's Find out about the different kinds of rap battles made by the fans. There are user battles between users. Often they play as a character in these battles. Many battles are published in the tournaments/tourneys and the rapseries.

Can someone pubish a list of all the known tournaments, the past ones, current ones and upcoming ones.

Many users pubished their rap battles in series. Many users made a series by their own but there are also series created by multiple persons. ERBParodies even published videos of their battles on the internet.


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