Epic Rap Battles of What the Fuck? is a fanmade crap battle series created by Loygansono and Firebrand. AwesomeGamer, Four4, and MrAwesome300 have guest starred.

Season 1

  1. Wax Tadpole vs Loygo's Nipples
  2. Cleverbot vs Mr. Cumbunny
  3. Doctor 10 vs 10th Doctor
  4. Smeel vs Queef
  5. AWC vs His Friend
  6. Psy vs Psyduck
  7. Spam vs Justice League
  8. Boxers vs Briefs
  9. A vs 1
  10. Ice Cube vs Smoky
  11. Google + vs Bob
  12. Xbox One vs Playstation 4
  13. Mercury vs Venus
  14. Kurt vs Atul
  15. TBA (season finale)

Season 2

A second season has been confirmed, however, the number of battles is unknown, as is how often the series will continue to be updated. It is uncertain when this season will begin, as the series is currently on hiatus.


  • A running gag is that Firebrand makes the title of each batte different, for example, Classy Chap Battles of What the Dickens or Epic Rap Battles of What the *censor beep*.
    • Another running gag is that, before each battle begins, Firebrand will often include a humorous paragraph introducing the blog.
    • The different ways the announcer starts and finishes each battle is a running gag.
  • Doctor 10 vs 10th Doctor is Firebrand's favourite battle in the series.
  • AWC vs. His Friend has a backstory. An AWC once told the wiki his friend wants to see him vs. his friend.