Epic Rap Battles of Video Games is a fanmade rap battle series created by J1coupe . It features characters from many different video games series battling each other.

Season 1Edit

1. Ezio Auditore vs. Agent 47

2. Gordon Freeman vs. Isaac Clarke

3. Duke Nukem vs. Frank West

4. The Marked One vs. The Courier Six

5. Nathan Drake vs. Lara Croft

6. Kratos vs. Dragonborn

7. Commander Shepard vs. Prophet

8. Leon Kennedy vs. Lee Everett

9. Ryu Hayabusa vs. Scorpion

10. GLaDOS vs. SHODAN (Season 1 Finale)

Season 2Edit

11. Alex Mercer vs. Cole MacGrath

12. Kazuya Mishima vs. Ryu

13. Subject Delta vs. Samus Aran

14. John Marston vs. Niko Bellic

15. Jack Cayman vs. Travis Touchdown

16. Sephiroth vs. Dante

17. Ellie vs. Zoey

18. Slender Man vs. Pyramid Head

19. Link vs. Marth

20. Sam Fisher vs. Solid Snake (Season 2 Finale)

Season 3Edit

21. Ezio Auditore vs. Agent 47 - 2!

22. Cole Phelps vs. Scott Shelby

23. Max Payne vs. Vaas Montenegro

24. Mega Man vs. Bomberman

25. Marcus Fenix vs Sev

26. Johnny Gat vs Postal Dude

27. The Kid vs Meat Boy

28. Warcraft Royale

29. Minecraft vs Roblox

30. League of Legends vs. DOTA 2

Season 4Edit



1. Angry Birds vs. Flappy Bird


  • A fourth season is currently in the making, meaning that Epic Rap Battles of Video Games is the longest fanmade series on the Wiki.
  • Coupe has personally stated that his best and worst battles in his opinion are Warcraft Royale and Nathan Drake vs Lara Croft, respectively.

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