Epic Rap Battles of Food is a fanmade crap battle series previously created by MrAwesome300. Since then, however, the series has been inherited by two-time guest star, Loygansono55. Sierrastalker, ShoopDaKevFirebrand794, and BackToTheFuturama86 have all guest starred. While under the ownership of MrAwesome, the series had a schedule of being released once per week, on Fridays, but that has since been changed to Tuesdays.

Season 1

  1. Fried Chicken vs Chicken Nuggets
  2. Waffles vs Pancakes
  3. Corn vs Popcorn
  4. Beer vs Wine
  5. Gummy Bears vs Actual Bears
  6. Sauerkraut vs Spam
  7. Pumpkin vs Gourd
  8. Hamburger vs Cheeseburger

Season 2

  1. Cornflakes vs Fortune Cookie
  2. Bean vs Pea
  3. Lollipop vs Ice Cream


  • On two occasions, non-food rappers have appeared, those being Rain Spout and Jay Leno.
  • In Fried Chicken vs Chicken Nuggets, Chicken Nugget's line "You're just a poopy shoopy doop!" has become a popular saying on the Wiki.