User Information
Account Name ERBofSmoshery
Alliases Smosh
Skaterboy163 (formerly)
Status Active
Date of Birth and Age 17
Nationality British (Half-Jamaican)
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
Joined the wiki on April 23, 2014
ERB Wiki Database
Disabled Skaterboy163
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Stephen King vs Edgar Allan Poe
Favorite ERB Character Stephen King
Edgar Allan Poe
Rapseries Epic Rap Battles of History
Smash Raps (discontinued)
'Cause when I spit bars, I show more capitals than your syndrome list!
— ERBofSmoshery to Loygansono55

ERBofSmoshery is an active user and chatter on the ERB Wiki.

On the WikiEdit

ERBofSmoshery is a current user on the ERB Wiki. He used to have an account on the ERB Wiki called Skaterboy163, which he later disabled. Two years later, he rejoined the wiki as Smoshery. He has a regular rap battle series simply called Epic Rap Battles of History, and used to have a series where he involves all the Super Smash Bros. 4 characters in their own rap battles, called Smash Raps, though that has been discontinued. He is also a fairly regular attendee of the Wiki Chat.


  • He is a big fan of Prison Break, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad, but his favourite shows of all time are Dexter and Stranger Things.