This is the official list of events that have taken place on the Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki. There is a copy of this on the wiki itself, but it will go into slightly more detail here.


  • Text in green regard promotions
  • Text in maroon regard demotions
  • Text in lime regard the Wiki War
  • Text in blue regard wiki activities such as awards, tournaments, battles, and games
  • Text in yellow regard the Wiki Revolution
  • Text in purple regard troll activity or user blocking
  • A date with a green background regards when a Top 20 Editor joined the wiki



    • Night changes the rules and guidelines page to go against Tesla Man and Ynkr's actions.
    • After a debate with Ynkr, Night negotiates to be repromoted and all blogs regarding the subject to be deleted.
    • Ynkr publically releases a statement about the issue in the blog Operation: Day Eagle, which due to controversial matters, has been deleted.

January-March 2013

  • January 1- Tesla Man publically announces the situation in the blog "Off the Topic, NightHawk Issue", which has been deleted due to controversial matters.
  • January 17- Devilishmind of fun joins the wiki and later becomes an infamous troll.
  • January 25- A Wiki Staff meeting is held to organize the wiki's new staff changes. The following four events are a result of that meeting:
    • January 26- Ynkrdlevin17 is promoted to bureaucrat.
    • January 26- Mrpietcaptain is promoted to administrator.
    • January 26- BackToTheFuturama86 is promoted to rollback, making him the wiki's first rollback, a position originally called "trusted user".
    • January 26- NightFalcon9004 is demoted to rollback by majority vote.
  • January 27- Steeler, the only staff member who went against Night's demotion, repromoted Night to administrator.
  • February 12- ShaunoftheRed is demoted to regular user.
  • February 14- Devil returns in sock form under the identity of The Admanistrator.
  • February 14 to March 30- A period of time began where Tesla, Ynkr, or Steeler would promote a user and Night would demote them and instead promote a user of his choice, which were demoted, creating a back and forth battle between the four.
  • February 16- Dragonsblood23 joins the wiki.
  • February 18- ShaunoftheRed is promoted to chat moderator.
  • February 21- Wachowman joins the wiki.
  • April 9- Stofferex is promoted to chat moderator.
  • April 9- Meatholl is promoted to rollback.
  • April 14- MrAwesome300 is promoted to chat moderator.

March-July 2013

July-December 2013

  • July 2- Meatholl is demoted to chat moderator.
  • July 4- Stofferex is promoted to rollback.
  • July 6- With the Wiki War lasting almost a full year, the wiki is entirely divided into either Pro-Tesla, Pro-Night, or Neutral. The majority of users were Pro-Night, until Meatholl made a blog regarding the subject titled To Tesla, To Hawk, and the rest of the ERB WikiThe following events are a result:
    • Night disappears now that Tesla has the upper hand, and the War practically was over. 
    • Night returns to the chat and chaos ensues. His return resulted in him staying as a user.
  • July 7- Meatholl is promoted to rollback.
  • July 19- Tesla contacts administrators at The YouTube Wiki (formerly Wikitubia) and proposes a YouTube Network, connecting all YT-related wikis. Found here.
  • July 23- J1coupe is promoted to administrator.
  • July 28- Captain Warrior joins the wiki.
  • August 6- MrAwesome300 is promoted to chat moderator.
  • August 6- The WikiTubia Network is approved by the admin of Smosh and PewDiePie Wiki and the Wikitubia Network goes into effect.
  • August 9- MrAwesome300 is demoted to regular user after a period of demotions and repromotions were made on him.
  • August 17- ShoopDaKev is promoted to chat moderator.
  • August 28- WachWeek is created on the blog: WachWeek: The Movie.
  • September 7- Firebrand794 is promoted to chat moderator.
  • September 7- Scrawland Scribblescratch is promoted to administrator.
  • September 11- Joeaikman joins the wiki.
  • September 15- The Wiki War officially ends with the reconstruction of the staff panel conducted byBackToTheFuturama86. (his blog regrarding it can be found here.) The following events are the result of these changes:
    • Night is demoted from administrator to rollback.
    • Tesla is demoted from administrator to rollback.
    • BTTF is demoted from administrator to regular user.
    • Stofferex is demoted to regular user.
    • V0DeusEstDominiMei is demoted to regular user.
    • BasaltWolfED145RS is demoted to regular user.
    • ShaunoftheRed is demoted to regular user.
    • MrAwesome300 is demoted to a regular user.
    • J1coupe is promoted to bureaucrat.
    • Meatholl is promoted to administrator.
    • Wachowman is promoted to chat moderator.
    • Four4 is promoted to chat moderator.
    • Tesla Man leaves the wiki and takes a year long hiatus, later returning September 17, 2014.
  • September 21- Classical Expendable begins his creation of over twenty sockpuppets, which leads to his block.
  • October 3- Scrawland Scribblescratch is demoted to chat moderator.
  • October 11- Four4 is promoted to rollback.
  • October 21- Epicnail joins the wiki.
  • October 27- Patts9009 is promoted to rollback.
  • October 27- Scrawland Scribblescratch is promoted to rollback.
  • October 30- CJMaster fakes her death by claiming to have cancer.
  • November 17- Nice Peter joins the wiki as Bluesocks.
  • November 19- EpicLLOYD joins the wiki as TheEpicLLOYD.
  • November 24- ShoopDaKev is demoted to regular user by his own request.
  • December 4- ShoopDaKev is promoted to chat moderator.
  • December 11- Devil returns in sock form as The Warning.
  • December 14 to 18- Wrath uses thirty-nine accounts over the course of four days to vandalize pages, user pages, and sister wikis. Eventually, Wikia Staff is involved and an entire university's library is blocked from Wikia globally as a result.
  • December 22- Ximena 13 joins the wiki. 
  • December 27- DudeWithASuit joins the wiki.


  • January 3- BackToTheFuturama86 is promoted to chat moderator for the second time.
  • January 3- Four4 is demoted to regular user.
  • January 12- CJMaster returns to confirm she faked her death in the blog A Confession To Make...
  • January 15- ShoopDaKev is demoted to regular user after leaving the wiki.
  • January 15- Four4 is promoted to chat moderator.
  • January 15- Scrawland Scribblescratch is demoted to a regular user.
  • January 21- BasaltWolfED145RS is promoted to chat moderator.
  • January 25- BackToTheFuturama86 is promoted to rollback for the second time.
  • March 1- BasaltWolfED145RS is demoted to regular user.
  • March 1- Patts9009 resigns and gives his position to Ximena 13.
  • March 4- Four4 is promoted to rollback.
  • March 6- Firebrand795 is repromoted to rollback after returning.
  • March 6- Scrawland Scribblescratch is promoted to rollback.
  • March 6- Mike Betette joins the wiki as Betette.
  • March 14- Devil is given a second chance and returns as Shadow-Lerooyinator, but is later blocked by future admin Ximena 13.
  • April 15- Firebrand795 is demoted from rollback to chat moderator.
  • April 21- TJBoyd reveals he is linked to the Wrath attacks in the blog So ye I'm Wrath, and as a result, TJ is blocked.
  • June 16- Four4 is demoted to regular user by his own request.
  • July 29 to October 26- A series of spammers entered the wiki's chat and spammed Spanish gibberish. They became known by the users as the "Spanish Inquistion".
  • June 21- Ximena 13 is promoted to administrator.
  • June 26Meatholl is demoted to a regular user after it is discovered he was in possession of a sockpuppet.
  • June 29- Scrawland Scribblescratch is demoted to a regular user.
  • July 1- WonderPikachu12 is promoted to rollback.
  • July 2- J1coupe hosts the Third Official Wiki Rap Tournament, and Bobdave ends up victorious.
  • July 22- Ximena 13 is demoted to regular user.
  • August 6- Dante Cimadamore joins the wiki as Tesla D.
  • August 18- DudeWithASuit is promoted to chat moderator.
  • September 20- Loygansono55 blocks former rollback Four4 for sockpuppeting.
  • September 24- The Wrath attacks and TJBoyd are linked to Nikki Lee 1999 and it is confirmed they are all the same person. Nikki is blocked as a result.
  • October 17- Dexter Maven, later renaming himself Amon Maven, joins the wiki attempting to establish a new order called "The Wikiqualists" which he announces in this thread. Their alleged goal was to "Promote fair and equal treatment for all users, regardless of race, creed, gender, or background" and ultimately overthrow the wiki's current staff. His plans were ultimately shot down as his movement lost traction and it was discovered he was a sockpuppet.
  • November 27- DudeWithASuit is promoted to administrator.


  • January 12- The "Spanish Inquistion" attacks again.
  • April 4 to April 7- DudeWithASuit host a series of blogs where the people vote and the following power changes are a result:
    • April 5- WonderPikachu12 is promoted to rollback with chat moderator powers.
    • April 6- Epicnail is promoted to chat moderator.
    • April 6- Bantha117 is promoted to chat moderator.
    • April 7- Loygansono55 is promoted to bureaucrat.

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