DragonsBlood23, also known as "Dragon", is an Active user of the ERB wiki.

Profile and name originEdit

The name was based of a book he read for a book report he thought he name sounded cool so he combined it with his favorite number 23. The profile pic was from The Episode "She Sees Sea Monsters By The Seashore" from an episode of What's new Scooby Doo where the sea serpant is named Motoshondu.

What his name was based of


Banjo-Kazooie is Dragons favorite game series that he often talks about which the game is about a bear named banjo and a breegul named Kazooie together they stop an evil witch named Gruntilda.


  • Janitor(Scrubs) for weddings since dragon is usually the janitor.
  • Slade/deathstroke (teen titans) during Teen Titans Chat Event
  • Uncle Deadly (The Muppets) for 2013 Halloween Month
  • Aang 1/5 of The Cartoon Chat Party First Cartoon Character because of his love of Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Dave The Barbarian 2/5 of The Cartoon Chat Party second one because he wanted to bring back nostalgia from the early 2000's days
  • Sebastian (Black Butler) 3/5 of The Cartoon Chat Party because this was during the time when the users turned their profile pics to Anime Characters
  • Popeye 4/5 of The Cartoon Chat Party because he wanted to have a Old Cartoon Character feel.
  • Old Man Jenkins 5/5 of The Cartoon Chat Party he is the last because the party was fading away so he decided to do Old Man Jenkins
  • Dragon as The Grinch for Christmas 2013
  • Cell (DBZ) because he felt like it
  • The Crypt Keeper (Tales From The Crypt) for October 2014Go to )
  • B (Total Drama) during early november
  • Ghost of Christmas Yet To Come (Muppets Christmas Carol) for 2014 Christmas avatar
  • A Komodo Dragon, A Animal Result on the Google Earth Day Quiz
  • Dragon Kermit (October 2015 by Quagga)
  • Brain Gremlin for the 2015 Christmas Avatar
  • Mr. Butlertron (Clone High) for New Year 2016
  • Warren (Life is Strange) because Life is Strange is an awesome game
  • X9 (Simple Badass)
  • Jigsaw (Early October 2016)
  • Riddler Ramona Flowers (October 2016 - January 2017 by Quagga)
  • Robbie Rotten (January 2017 - March 2017) (Cause We Are Number One)
  • Boxxy (March 2017 - April 2017)
  • Abradolf Lincler (April 2017 - )

He was once best friends with Former troll Devil.

  • this is shown by him making a R.I.P blog after Devil got banned.

When he joins chat he usually says for a greeting "Greetings Warriors".

Dragon usually keeps the same avatar but sometimes it changes for a short while on a special occurance shown In this gallary.

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Favorite Fanmade Battle Scrooge VS The Grinch (Epic Rap Battles of Christmas)