DexterMaximus , also known as Ogrepop, Blood Steele99, and currently known as Corporal Genesis DXTR,  is an inactive user on the ERB Wiki. Even though his current profile has not many edits, the person behind this profile, Welshman Kayne Walker, altogether has had over 1000 edits on Wikia.

Dexter's current avatar.


Dexter's former avatar.


Kayne Walker was born in Wales at an unspecified date. He is currently in secondary school, what Americans call "high school." The dude in question thinks you don't need to know any more 'bout his origins.

Wiki FamilyEdit

Father - Meatholl

Mother - AnimaShaun/Shaun Gordon

Brothers - ShoopDaKev/Kevin Shoop, MrAwesome300

Sons- Lasse200/Lasse Skanning-Jorgensen, CaptainWarrior

Auntie- Sierrastalker/Ashley Verine

Uncles- BTTF, Loyg, Coupe

Fiancee - Fire

Rap BattlesEdit

Too many to list. Ones he is particularly proud of are Sheldon Cooper vs Isaac Newton and...that's it.

Best Friends

Loygansono55, ShoopDaKev, FireBrand and Mrpietcaptain

Other StuffEdit

Just ask him, he is on both chats quite often.