Da Niggas is a group of people on the wiki who at points pretend to act Ghetto.

The leader of Da Niggas is Wachowman.


Wachowman (leader)

RTP (2nd in command)

Shoop (main Trader) (killed in shootout)

Four4 (main Weed Seller)

Tbone (Leader Right hand man)

Scrawland (Secondary Weed Seller)

Meatholl (Mascot/used for Advertisment)

MSV (Main meth Maker)

AwesomeGamer (Normal member)

Firebrand (Normal member/Perfroms at Nigga comedy club on Sundays)

Flareblitz (Normal Member)

Loygan(Normal Member)

Labtux (Normal Member)


Most of the members are white

  • Four is the only non-white Nigga in, Da Niggas.

RTP is often turned into NIGGA FREEMAN who is in charge, but does not have his own account (RTP just changed his avatar)

DA Niggas are the top money making group on the ERB wiki.

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