Crap Battles is a series by Awesomesix, which has no real functioning title other than "Crap battles". Instead, each battle has "Epic Rap Battles of History" spelled in some random fashion. It started January 27, 2014.


Season 1 (2014)Edit

Season 2 (2015)Edit

Season 3 (2016)Edit


  • Although most of them are uploaded to the ERB wiki itself, Spongebob vs Patrick, Oprah vs Ellen, and Eat vs West were all uploaded to the Drawer wiki due to their rather spam-like nature.
    • So far, each one of these battles has been formatted as a fake page.
  • Some battles are references to actual rap battles:
    • BOB vs Rake was a nod towards MultiSuperVid's "BOB vs Rake" Creepypasta rap battle, released around the same time.
    • Carl vs Evermore Raven was a poke at two falsely speculated cameos in battles, Carl Grimes and Poe's raven, the latter of which was due to a line thought to be said by it, which some mistook for being "Evermore" instead of "Nevermore".
    • Santa vs Scrooge uses several lines from actual ERB, mainly Sinatra vs Mercury, and Jesus's verse is J.P. Morgan's verse from Scrooge vs Donald Trump with Morgan crossed out and replaced with Jesus, and the last line changed to Marty McFly's cameo line in Doc Brown vs Doctor Who.
    • Spongebob vs Patrick and Vader vs Hitler 4 were references to the Spongebob Movie rap battle.
      • The former is also a nod to Joshuakrasinski's ripoff of Adam vs Eve. The latter a nod to the Hitler vs Vader trilogy.
    • Oprah vs Ellen was a reference to the actual battle, Oprah vs Ellen.
    • Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark was a reference to the actual battle, Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark.
    • Criss Angel vs David Copperfield was a reference to Harry Houdini vs David Copperfield.
    • Shaka Zulu vs RoboCop was a nod towards the latter half of Season 4 sans Lewis and Clark vs Bill and Ted, as well as denied and scrapped characters.
    • Crap Battles vs Themed Battles and Eat vs West are both parodies of East vs West.
      • The latter also features lyrics from Artists vs TMNT, Ghostbusters vs Mythbusters, Wright Brothers vs Mario Brothers, and Chuck Norris vs Clint Eastwood.
    • Jornka Zulu vs Julius Scrawsar is a parody of Shaka Zulu vs Julius Caesar.
  • The 3rd and 6th battles of 2015 both feature default playing audio as instrumentals.
  • A running gag in the series is Loygansono55 and Captain Warrior always have some form of appearance in battle. The one exception to this was Math vs Potato, Shark vs Eevee, both Drawer battles, Hitler vs Vader 4, Bill and Ted vs Lewis and Clark, Criss Angel vs David Copperfield, Nail vs Ping Pong, Crap Battles vs Themed Battles (Only Loyg appeared), Eat vs West, and Jornka Zulu vs Julius Scrawsar onwards, but the poll of Math vs Potato changed to have Captain Warrior in it a few months after release.