User Information
Account Name Awesomesix
Real Name Conner B.
Alliases Asics
Status Active
Date of Birth and Age 15
Nationality American
Symbolic Character Doge (former)
2D (Gorillaz)
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
Joined the wiki on April 19, 2012
ERB Wiki Edits 16,520
Ranked on the ERB Wiki 4th
Wiki Rival None
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Title Awesomesix?
Disabled None
Sockpuppets None
Backup None
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle Jim Henson vs Stan Lee
Favorite ERB Character Jim Henson
Favorite ERB Suggestion Solid Snake vs Erwin Rommel
Fanmade Battles 27+
Rapseries Awesome Rap Battles (ended)
Awesome Rap Battles 2.0 (ongoing)
both referred to as ARB
— Awesomesix

Awesomesix is a user on the ERB Wiki, who has been active since April 2012, and an active chat member since November 2013.

Basic informationEdit

Awesomesix, A.K.A. Conner, Asics, a6, etc., joined April 19, 2012. Being a fan since Gandalf vs Dumbledore (technically Billy Mays vs Ben Franklin, which had came out before he began watching). He was a regular commentor, even getting the 2013 commentor award, until November of that year, when now gone user ShoopDaKev convinced him to come on chat. From then he became a regular chat user, being on more than some mods. 

Awesome Rap BattlesEdit

Awesome Rap Battles, or ARB, Awesome Rap Battles 2.0, is a series by Awesomesix infamous for it's many reboots. It can be read about more here.

Total Drama ERBEdit

During the Total Drama Pahkitew Island's airing, Awesomesix had the idea to make a Total Drama series using the characters from ERB. He quickly got Wonderpikachu12 and Tuxedo! to help. The first season contained Adolf Hitler, Justin Bieber, Edgar Allan Poe, and more as competitors. It ran from July 16th to August 30th, 2014. 

A second season was released, with 12 returning characters such as Al Capone, Cleopatra and Mr. T, as well as new characters, like Donatello, Hillary Clinton and Captain Kirk. It was started on October 18, 2014 and as of November 1, 2014, has 3 episodes.


  • He is the fourth person to gain the One Year badge.