The Unknown
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Account Name Avatar Four
Real Name N/A
Real Life Photo N/A
Alliases Avatar, Avvy
Status Blocked User
Nationality American
Symbolic Character Soul Eater Evans
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title N/A
Joined the wiki on December 27, 2014
ERB Wiki Edits 2
Ranked on the ERB Wiki N/A
Wiki Relationship None
Wiki Rival N/A
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Backup N/A
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Rapseries N/A
See you guys on December 27th
— Avatar Four

Avatar Four, also known as Avvy, Av, or The Unknown, is a user that joined ERB Wiki on December 27th, 2014.

He is currently blocked for being the person behind the sockpuppet accounts of the Four Stars members, as well as Amon Maven.

Through the use of Lucidus Star, Negative Four, Evol Love, and Ximena 13, he had a major influence on ERB wiki events including, but not limited to, the end of Night vs Tesla (or The Wiki War), -4 vs Scraw (or Wiki War 2), the improved appearance of staff's colors, and the CE incidents.

He currently resides at Four Stars Wiki, but also frequently visits the French Avatar Wiki.


  • The total length of the Four Stars sockpuppeting scheme lasted one year and two months. This is the second longest time on record that a user has sockpuppeted before getting caught.
  • His personal color is #88bbff
  • He is the winner of the inaugural wiki chess tournament
  • His block is set to end on March 6th, 2016..