Alanomaly Rap Battles is a fan-made series written by Alanomaly. It was announced on September, 17, 2014, and the first battle aired January 23, 2015. It is mainly comprised of team battles and royales, four of each a season, and two 1v1 battles a season, usually in the same pattern. Each season has 10 battles.


Season 1Edit

  • Big Time Rush vs Flight of the Conchords (Bands with television shows, one aimed towards a younger demographic, and the other to an older demographic)
  • Will Smith vs Adam Sandler (Royale of beloved actors who have never won Oscars)
  • Queen Elsa vs Sub-Zero (Cyromancers, one of which is kid friendly and the other literally made M for Mature)
  • Ben 10 vs The Doctor (Human hero who can turn into aliens using a watch vs an alien hero who can turn human using a watch, both have multiple forms and dealt with Time Wars)
  • Eminem vs Johnny Cash (Royale of different music genres: rap, country, dubstep, metal, and rock)
  • Garfield vs Snoopy (Royale of comic strip icons)
  • Lief Erikson vs Dovahkiin (Viking explorers with backups, one discovers unseen places and has his title stolen from him, the other discovers places already explored and built and has several different titles)
  • H. H. Holmes vs Norman Bates (Motel serial killers)
  • Johnny 5 vs Claptrap (Royale of humorous robots)
  • Hindu Gods vs Egyptian Gods (Season 1 finale of the gods of Hindu and Egyptian beliefs, and a third party by the God of many beliefs)

Season 2Edit

  • Historical Assassins vs Assassin's Creed (Group of historical assassins battling historical people who became assassins through their video game franchise)
  • Kate Upton vs Marilyn Monroe (Royale of models, loosely based on the format of Spielberg vs Hitchcock)
  • ZONE-Tan vs Michael Bay (People who take things from childhood and "ruin" them, depending on how you look at it)


  • Eastern Cartoons vs Western Cartoons


  • T-Dub vs Rappin For Jesus


  • Ben 10 vs The Doctor 2

Guest WritersEdit

  • Iamthelegion: The Doctor (Ben 10 vs The Doctor)


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