A Wikia Contributor, called AWCs or Anonymous Wikia Contributors, are the most basic members of the wiki, being able to only edit when enough are obtained and use comments and message walls.
User Information
Account Name Their I.P.
Real Name Too many to count
Real Life Photo N/A
Alliases AWC
Status Multiple
Date of Birth and Age Any
Nationality Everywhere
Symbolic Character Wikia's default photo
Epic Rap Battles of History Wiki
ERB Wiki Title AWC
Joined the wiki on May 7, 2011+
ERB Wiki Edits N/A
Ranked on the ERB Wiki None
Wiki Relationship Epicnail
Wiki Rival N/A
ERB Wiki Database
ERB Wiki Database Title N/A
ERB Wiki Database Edits N/A
Ranked on the ERB Wiki Database N/A
Disabled Many blocked
Sockpuppets Possible
Backup No
Battle Information
Favorite ERB Battle N/A
Favorite ERB Character N/A
Favorite ERB Suggestion The terrible ones
Fanmade Battles Too many
Rapseries None
Win-Tie-Lost Ratio 0:0:A lot
Favorite Fanmade Battle None